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Highlands adult and Community education



Whether you're a complete beginner or want to improve on previous skills, our courses offer a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques and expand your portfolio.

Art Studio.jpg


We are excited to offer workshops in sushi, gyoza and cake decoration! We've also added a longer course to explore making curries.



Find a new hobby with our wide range of courses from macrame to upholstery.



Discover a passion for dance or brush up on your dancing skills.

General Interest

Courses to learn about the world around you while interacting with other students with similar interests.

summer gardening

Hair and Beauty

For students who want to learn to be a little bit extra! These courses will teach you how to sparkle and shine.

drag workshop.jpg
tibetan chants

Health and Wellbeing

Sign up for these courses to embrace inner peace and find balance in your life.


Information Technology

Learn skills and techniques to keep up with the expanding modern world.


Finally learn to speak the languages you've always wanted to learn: British Sign Language, French, Italian, Jèrriais, Polish and Spanish.


Sport and Fitness

Stretch, strengthen and strive for excellence in these classes that will improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Beginners Restorative Yoga.jpg
furniture making


Our experts in hand-on vocational skills offer courses for learners who might want a career change or learners who want to expand their skill set.

historical fiction

Writing & Literature

Local and international experts lead workshops and courses that support budding authors and invigorate bibliophiles.

Single-Session Workshops

Single-session workshops from a prize-winning podcaster, a drag diva, artists, chefs, a sewist, a beauty technician, a sound meditation guru and bestselling authors.

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