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The Adult & Community Education (ACE) programme is available o students aged 18 or over who are no longer in compulsory education. (Unless specified in the course information).

Application Priority

Applications for Adult & Community Education (ACE) courses are accepted on a first come, first served basis on receipt of the fees. If the wait list is sufficiently large and additional tutors and facilities are available another course may be set up, for which you will be offered a place.


A minimum enrolment number is required to recover the full costs of providing a course. If numbers of students fail to reach this minimum, we will reluctantly cancel it. Applicants are provided with a full refund or a transfer to another suitable course if one is available.


Unfortunately, we only offer a refund if a course has been cancelled by Highlands College. Circumstances such as illness, work commitments or leaving the Island are not considered for refunds. Course places cannot be deferred to another term and are not transferable to another person.


The Adult & Community Education (ACE) curriculum offer has been designed to be inclusive and to offer progression and access to more islanders. On completion of most courses*, a learner is encouraged and expected to apply for the next level of course within their current subject or apply for a place on a course in another subject.


If a course offers progression, students wishing to repeat the same-level course only may do so in exceptional circumstances and where there are places and no waiting lists.


These circumstances include:

  • The student has identified to the tutor that they feel they have not developed the confidence or skills to progress onto the next level/course. (Agreed by tutor and Head of ACE, subject to availability after the enrolment of new applicants has been completed so that we have equality of opportunity.)

  • The student has missed 40% or more of the course content due to unavoidable absence. (Agreed by tutor and Head of ACE as above.)

Learners who wish to continue with a particular social grouping and in a less formal arrangement may be offered use of the facility on a rental basis, subject to availability, in accordance with the ACE service-level agreement.

*Re-enrolment onto non-progression courses (such as fitness and wellbeing) is on a first come, first served basis.

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