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  • Can anyone apply and enrol for a course?
    The Adult & Community Education (ACE) programme is available to all adults aged 18 or over who are no longer in compulsory education.
  • How do I apply and enrol for a course?
    You can book and pay for your ACE course online! Go to Courses Choose the course you would like to attend Select 'Enrol' Click 'Apply' Login or create an account Checkout and follow the payment process
  • How do I pay for a course?
    Use a credit or debit card online. If you are unable to pay online, please call 01534 608655 for assistance.
  • Can I pay the course fee by instalments?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to accept instalments at this time, and enrolment cannot be confirmed until payment is received in full. Students who require financial assistance can apply through the Highlands Foundation:
  • What do my course fees pay for?
    All ACE course fees include your tuition and a registration fee. They may also include a contribution towards the cost of materials, room rental, handouts, artist models, equipment or assessment fees. PLEASE NOTE: For some courses, the cost of materials is included in the course, and for others, you will be required to supply your own materials. See course description for details.
  • When do courses run?
    ACE courses vary in length from two-hour workshops to one academic year. The majority of courses follow an academic timetable and may include half-term, bank holiday or other breaks.
  • What if my course is relocated, rescheduled or cancelled?
    We make every effort to avoid doing this, but occasionally, it is necessary. This is why it is important for us to have your current contact information.
  • Can I re-enrol for a course I have already taken?
    On completion of most courses, a learner is encouraged and expected to apply for the next level of course within their current subject or apply for a place on a course in another subject. For full details, please see Terms & Conditions.
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